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ABOUT His Passion

Daniel Salas, also known as “DJ Danny B”, is a native Houstonian. He started DJing at 15 and has always had a profound interest in the art of mixing. Danny B began with two "boom-boxes", one turntable, and his family for an audience. He was hooked from the first scratch and found a love that will forever last - MUSIC!

First zealous for the racing BPM of Trance masters such as Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Judge Jules and ATB, he developed an obsession with electronic dance music. Danny B has the innate ability to adapt to his audience and keep their interest while he takes them on a musical journey. He has since started video mixing including 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Top 40, Hip-Hop and EDM.


Growing up in the early 80's, I was always in front of the TV watching MTV back when they actually played music videos all day. I would use my allowance money to buy VHS tapes and record music videos all day. When it wasn't on the TV, I would be in front of my parents stereo system, with blank tapes, recording music off of the radio, trying to cut the DJ's voice out LOL. As I grew up through the years and started working, I slowly started buying dj equipment that was available at that time. I started out dj'ing house parties and birthdays. From here I would be asked to do the occasional wedding here and there. In my early 20's, I was always in the club scene as I had a love for music no matter what the genre. I fell in love with how the crowd reacted when the dj would play a hot track and the place would go nuts! I hustled every day, making mix cd's and handing them out to club managers and promoters. Before I knew it, I was being called to dj at clubs and bars all over the Houston area and even extending into the Austin area. Every weekend was a different dance floor and I loved the reaction I would get when I would drop the weeks hottest track or even better, when I would take it back to the classics! I have a profound love of all music and always have an open ear to cater to your event. Let's talk today to discuss your event and how we can make it a memorable one!