Danny Duron

Specialty: 100% Bilingual English-Español (Read, Write, Translate)

Emphasis and Inspiration: Having been an avid music fanatic and collector since childhood, it is no wonder I have ended up in this business for what has seemed as an indefinite duration. Early on, the fondness for music turned into the into the taste for creating my own mixtapes, leading into cutting and pasting my own personalized mixes. I have long believed that music brings life meaning, so why not let it be an amalgamation of everything tasteful.

In the early 90s, I was heavily involved with choreography in High School, which led to dance coordination for Quinceañera and Sweet 16 performances. Fast forward, and a fortuitous turn of events and I am invited to accompany a few friends who will play music at a small house party. Little did we know and that led to the next party. We quickly realized that organization was key in ensuring our continued success and repeat business.

Present day, and it has been a true pleasure to have crossed paths with Daniel Salas Jr. Our mindset aligns in the business and entertainment standpoint.

The following is a list of a Key Points which have attributed to our credo to success: 

• Strategic placement of all equipment, to ensure the most successful audible and visual experience.
• Sound and Audio quality is of the utmost importance. No compromise, no exceptions.
• Attentiveness to even the smallest detail to the closest tolerance and scrutiny.
• Your entertainer (DJ/MC) must be well groomed and presentable, ready for the public forum.
• Music selection will be tailored per event, and to the request of the client.
• Demographic will play a large part in what is played. With our extensive cumulative collection, we will ensure the dancefloor never vacates.

 Repertorial Collection (Condensed): Classical, Instrumental, Jazz, Ballad and Romantic, 50s, 60s Rock & Roll R&B Soul, 70s Lite Rock Disco & Funk, 80s, 90s, New Wave, Pop, Synth, Freestyle, Old School Rap, Hip-Hop, Country, Metal, Classic Rock

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